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Join us for the J Beverly Hills signature event on October 6-8 of 2019 with our global artistic team as we celebrate our industry. This three day event in Los Angeles features top-level education, runway shows, fashion, business building and more.

Runway Show
Two days of Education Workshops
Lunch included on Monday and Tuesday
Guest tickets include runway show and entertainment on Sunday.
(Workshops not included for guests)

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General: $795
Concept: $695
Educator: $495
Guest: $200


From the runway to the classroom, take what our Artistic Team does on stage and learn techniques in hands-on workshops. Global is all about the hairdresser and that is why this event puts education on the forefront. We have brought artists from all over the world to share their knowledge and the J Beverly Hills brand. Learn all the latest trends and how to use our products to perfect any style.


Hair Painting: The Art of Balayage with Melissa Brodeur & Jessica Martanis
Learn the more delicate points for creating soft, beautiful balayage. Control your body positioning, direct your sections to be high or low, and control oversaturation. Remember, balayage is a technique, not a look. Be your own artist.

Fix It - Don’t Sweat It: Mastering Colour Correction with Chrissy Pike & Alin Mihalache
Get all of your colour correction questions answered at all levels and fix it quickly and efficiently. Beat your challenges.

Fashion Forward: The Latest On Colour Trends with Jessica Johnston
Are you a creative colourist? Tap into your creative inner being and explore the inspiration that is all around you. Capture the moment!


Styling Tips for Success: Master Braiding and Up Styles with Alison Valsamis & Christina DeMag
Learn a quick, straight forward approach to styling hair from braiding to bridal up styles. Keep yourself on top of runway-worthy trend-setting styles. Impress Don’t Stress!


Cut-It & Colour-It: Create the Perfect Balance Between Cut and Colour with Stefano Bugada & Emiliano Fratarcangeli
Join our academy cut and colour duo as they show you how to create harmony between the cut and the colour. Bring your vision to life.

Blend It. Fade It. Texturize It: Challenge Your Barbering Skills with Steve Martinez & Bruno Lodise
Excel at male haircuts by mastering standard shears, clippers and texturizing tools. Perfect for those of you looking to perfect your barbering skills. Increase your earnings.

Creative/Texture Cutting: The Right Approach to Cutting Textured Hair with Walid Fehme & Sophia Royal
Elevate your knowledge and master precise focus cutting. This class will give an in-depth understanding of texture cutting. Dive deep into texture.

Master Classes

Innovative Colour: Create Movement with Kristan Frei
This advanced colour placement program is about upping your colour game! Use unique formulas to apply colour in order to create movement and visual texture. Take your colour business to the next level.

The Art Of Hair Cutting: Master Foundational Cutting and Finishing with Masaki Inoue
Quickly analyze the right approach for your clients hair and create/re-create any cut or shape. Understand the why and how of hair cutting.

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Instagram Live with Alisha Cohen
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October 6-8, 2019

Join us for an unforgettable event.


Loew's Hotel Hollywood

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Runway & Entertainment

J Beverly Hills proudly showcases the work of its artistic team in this breathtaking runway show featuring hair styles of every kind. See some of the latest trends executed on stage. Experience what J Beverly Hills is all about in this intimate but spectacular performance.