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Liquid is the ultimate Ammonia and MEA free hair colour gloss that makes your hair feel as good as it looks.

Combined with our exclusive A L B E ™ complex, Liquid Colour delivers superior luminous controlling tones allowing you to service all your clients colour needs.
  • Custom Blends
  • Liquid Clear can be added to any liquid colour formulation to create multiple tones and colours. It can be used for toning, creative colour, colour correction or used alone to add brilliant shine to help enhance natural hair colour. When mixed with other Liquid Colours it will dilute or lighten the formula depending upon desired effect.
  • Ammonia
  • J Beverly Hills Liquid Colour is 100% ammonia free. No fumes, odor or irritation.
  • Mixing
  • Recommended mixing is determined by the client’s natural level, percentage of grey, porosity and texture of hair. If less colour deposit is required, then you can add Liquid Clear to your formula. The basic mixing ratio for Liquid Colours is 1:1.
  • Application
    20 minutes
    Recommended for dry hair
  • 2 parts Smoked Silver 8S and 2 parts Vanilla Kiss 9NB
    Colour 7.5 vol. Liquid Activator


    • Hair was lightened with our Max Lightener and two parts 20 vol developer to a level-9 blonde
    • Shampoo with J Beverly Hills Blonde Shampoo and apply toner formula to 80% towel dried hair
    • Mix 2 parts Smoked Silver 8S and 2 parts Vanilla Kiss 9NB + equal parts 7.5 vol. Liquid Activator. Apply from roots to ends and process for 15 minutes
    • Shampoo and condition with J Beverly Hills Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner
    • Style and finish with J Beverly Hills Platinum Products
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